Press Release "Observe Your Mind"

Charlie McLight's new album "Observe Your Mind" represents an unusual venture. He seems to be the first songwriter making chapters of the well-known self-development book "Winning Through Enlightenment" sing. Ron Smothermon, the author himself, joined McLight and wrote some lyrics as well.

Charlie McLight must have been seriously impressed by this book. Since the songwriter and keyboarder read it, he wondered if it would be possible to turn some of its chapters into popular music. It took several years until he dared giving it a try. "Reading this book and reflecting on it created new perspectives. I benefited in many ways and the idea of sharing this experience by making some of Ron's chapters sing was born."

So giving something back was the true motivation for creating this album. To Charlie's surprise, writing lyrics derived from Ron Smothermon's straight-to-the-point chapters wasn't that difficult after all. He got in touch with the author who was quite fond of the idea and offered to contribute some lyrics too. Together they turned twelve chapters into songs about intention, drama, polarities of the mind, guilt, belief systems and other typical content of such books.

Charlie McLight decided to have both a female and a male singer performing his music. Renate Reich and Hannes Leitner have been good choices. They fit the contemporary style of his music and create a welcome change throughout the album. Another pleasant surprise are the superbly performed guitar tracks creating a distinct atmosphere together with Charlie McLight's keyboards and drums arrangements.

"Observe Your Mind" offers catchy tunes that might stick in your head long after you've turned off the cd-player. But it's the connection of book and music making this album special. One can literally read a chapter and then listen to the corresponding song – or vice versa. This creates a unique experience and encourages self-reflection on two channels. Most likely that's what Charlie McLight meant when he printed those signs on his CD warning "Caution! Lightness ahead!"


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