Some Years Ago …

… I read the book „Winning Through Enlightenment“ by Ron Smothermon and found it fascinating! Sometimes I felt provoked, sometimes amused – but most of the time I found myself challenged with unusual views on life.

The book covered areas like judgments, drama, forgiving, addiction, sex, racism, war – to name a few. Delivered in a direct writing style it questioned concepts I held on to as that seemed more … comfortable. It is easier to judge, to be right and to blame others, or the circumstances than being responsible for your life and your experience of it.

Reading this book and reflecting on it created new perspectives. I benefited in many ways and the idea to share this experience by making some of Ron's chapters sing was born. I focused on the first part „Knowing The Mind (The Bad News)“ and turned six chapters into songs. Being halfway through I contacted Ron to let him know what I was up to. I was grateful when he responded by offering to write some lyrics.

Now you can listen to 12 songs derived from the book. I invite you to read along and reflect the ideas covered by the songs. You can deepen your listening experience by reading the corresponding chapters of the book too – or vice versa. I hope you enjoy it!

In case you go beyond the music of this album I'd like to quote a few sentences from Ron Smothermon's introduction to his book „Winning through enlightenment“: „All ideas written in this book are to be read and used at your own responsi­bility. These ideas are not meant to be a fail-proof recipe for how to live your life. You are responsible for what you believe in life and the consequences ­­­­of your beliefs.“ 

This album is dedicated to everybody observing his or her mind. Caution! Lightness ahead! ;-) 

Charlie McLight


„Let’s enjoy some music which makes a difference. This music comes out of an intention of one man to matter, Charlie McLight. Thank you for your work and your vision, Charlie.“
Ron Smothermon