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New Song 'I Don't Need Anything'


My break is over (big smile :-) and I’m back to making some music. I sincerely enjoy keeping this promise as I really missed writing and producing songs. A great way to celebrate this come back is a new song. Thanks to our digital world “I Don’t Need Anything“ is out now and available at most online stores and streaming platforms (see link below).

Some of you might actually listen to the lyrics too (or even read them here). For those following my thoughts: yes, this looks like a BIG contradiction. ”In a peaceful moment I don’t need anything“ … except making music. Just another case of not walking your talk? Well, yes … and no - let me try to explain.

Missing something (or someone) means I want it - now! Somehow I don’t want what I have right now and long for what I don’t have. In the end it boils down to being unhappy with what is. Once I’ll have what (I think) I need (I think) I’ll be happy again. The point is: this doesn’t sound like a peaceful moment - it sounds like a stressful moment to me.

In a truly peaceful moment you realize that you don’t need anything for being happy (or at least content). You realize that life (on this level) won’t and can’t ever be ”perfect” - at best it’ll only be perfect for a short time, until something changes, breaks, is lost, destroyed, gone or no longer available. And even if nothing is lost your mind will come up with thoughts of needing ”more“ (of whatever) - it’s really good at creating needs.

To be honest most of the time my mind finds ways to make me miss something or someone. But now and then I find myself in a deep peaceful moment I truly know that I don’t need anything that isn’t as it is right now. One could love such moments so much that you start missing them. ;-)

Thanks for listening and enjoy these peaceful moments!

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